7 Techniques to Cope with the Current World Crisis

March 25th blog

Many of you doing very important work have needed to shut down your services. Some of you have had to figure out the virtual way to do business. Many of you are in the front lines trying to comfort those in your care while perhaps struggling to cope with the vast change that is currently happening in our world. We are not living in the same way that we did only a few weeks ago.

Our new reality is a crisis. We are all being encouraged (and in some places forced) to protect our great nation. Some are underreacting thinking we are making a big deal out of some virus, and others have had trauma responses of hoarding, negativity and deep fear.

It requires efforts from all of us to get through this situation:

  1. Breathe. Stay grounded through the fear, overwhelm or stress. Sit in a chair or stand with your feet on the floor. Imagine roots growing out of the balls of your feet through the floor, deep, deep into the earth. See those roots wrap around a rock. Breathe.
  2. Try Vagus Nerve Breathing – Follow the instructions in my Video.
  3. Gratitude. Spend time every morning in gratitude.
  4. Focus on the Positive. Feel free to join my Facebook Page, where I share memes, videos, positive thoughts, and my Energy Psychotherapy work. While I’m still offering consulting, coaching and training on leadership and team dynamics, I have also re-opened by Therapy practice following my trip to Machu Picchu last September. If I can be of service, please reach out to me or phone me at 519.822.3776.
  5. Stay connected to Nature. If you are not in full quarantine, take a walk each day, ensuring that you are staying 6 feet away from others (the length of a hockey stick). As you walk, notice the beauty that is happening in nature, feel the connection to the earth and breathe in the fresh spring air.
  6. Minimize your time listening to the news each day. Instead, watch funny movies, or inspiring shows, read a good book, and spend quality time with family and friends, even if via Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, or other virtual means (even calling people to check in with them).
  7. Remember that we are all resilient and we will get through this. And do your part to keep this virus manageable and to flatten the curve – for you, your loved ones, your clients, and for the betterment of our world!

Be well. Sending love and healing energy to you all. Be safe,