What Makes a Great Team Member

Being a great team member will impact your workplace – in a positive way. Here are 5 top things great team members do:

1.)  Set a positive tone in the workplace – whether through appropriate use of humour or simply focusing on the positive. This will assist you to have a positive attitude – and it might just go viral.

2.)  Invite others to take a break with you – and be inclusive. Ensuring that everyone on the team feels included goes great lengths to establishing trust and espirit de corps.

3.)  When you recognize that a fellow team member is having a challenging day, stop by and ask how you might be able to assist. By asking the person directly they can tell you what they need – and you both get to avoid the uncomfortable positive of ‘Ass-u-me-ing’ what another wishes.

4.)  Take your turn offering to complete the more mundane tasks that every team has. Make sure that you are taking the time to support your team by taking your go.

5.)  Be aware of how your behaviour impacts others – and take responsibility for it. Yes, if you are making a positive change, note to yourself what a great job you are doing. Alternatively, if you are having a negative impact take a time out, reflect on your behaviour. Then acknowledge your impact. Of course, you also need to make a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How do you stack up? What can you do today to have a positive impact on your team? Feel free to post your comments below – would love to hear how it’s going on your team.

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