Thanks so much Sylvia for all your knowledge and help during the Business of Healing workshops.  You really pinpointed some aspects of my business I need to focus on on and why it was important.  After the first session I saw a dramatic shift in seeing my own value and worth and setting expectations with clients.  I am still processing information but I do know that these courses have been a great value and help to me and my business.

Angela Donnelly

The connection I felt with Sylvia upon introduction was immediate. I knew I needed some clarity for the transition of and focus for my businesses as I was running 4 business and it was time to make a change. I needed someone to offer me some clear insight and alignment. The 1:1 VIP day Sylvia offered me was perfect. Despite an intense day completely focused on moving forwards, Sylvia’s enthusiasm, sense of humour and fun while “doing the work” together allowed for great leaps forward in a very short time. Sylvia is 100% committed and provides processes that offer total clarity, a clear plan for moving forward, and then a 30 day follow up to provide accountability and keep the well organized plan on track. At the end of day I felt like I had successfully completed a marathon, with a clear understanding of the direction, and the action plan in place. Knowing Sylvia was with me every step of the way kept me productive, accountable and on purpose!

Thank you Sylvia for all your assistance.

Simone Usselman-Tod, Wild about Wellness

“I had a coaching session with Sylvia where she helped me to understand my value – and to raise my rates by 30%. Not only that, she helped me to communicate the increase with my clients – and instead of getting pushback from my clients, they were actually excited about what I was doing and what it meant for them. Sylvia’s help had been invaluable in this move for my business.”

Courtney Wilson, Creative Director, MoonSoar Services

Sylvia, it was a pleasure meeting you at PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference this week.

I enjoyed your keynote which prompted me to attend your break-out session.It was transformational, grounding, enlightening.

Because it was interactive; you demonstrating and the participants learning the techniques, I’m confident that I’ll integrate the concepts into my professional and personal practices.


Lynne Gale, CMM, Director of Conventions, Tourism London

“I participated in one of Sylvia’s sessions at a conference and immediately approached her to speak at ours. Sylvia is inspirational, personable, energetic, positive and presents eye-opening content.

She delivers a unique learning environment while generating participation and momentum within the group. We received great feedback from her session and I highly recommend her for your conference.”


Krista Cameron, Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Canada East Chapter’s Canadian Innovation Conference Co-Chair

I am the Program Director for Renascent, an addiction treatment provider. As part of our staff development Sylvia facilitated two workshops. Staff gave Sylvia and the workshops the highest ratings feeling they learned a great deal and found the process enjoyable and engaging. I would recommend Sylvia for training’ staff develop activities and organizational development.

Dennis James, Program Director, Renascent Fellowship

Sylvia is an extraordinary professional to work with. She brings a rare strength and grace to the conversation, creating an environment that welcomes free expression. Her skillful approach opens up honest dialogue, encouraging the work necessary to achieve the goals identified and defined throughout the course of the process. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to improve, refine, and/or grow their professional/personal skills and abilities.

Melanie Lynn, Communications Specialist, Savanta Inc.

The team dynamics workshop that Sylvia facilitated far exceeded my expectations.  Sylvia is an engaging and skilled facilitator who effectively encouraged an atmosphere of participation, creativity, and optimism.  Participants explored important aspects of teamwork for themselves and their colleagues, and ultimately co-created a vision for moving forward as an even more cohesive team.  The session was energizing and collaborative, and was identified by the team as one of the best training sessions we’ve had!

Lisa Veit, Associate Director, Guelph Humane Society

Working with Sylvia was a valuable and enlightening exercise for our organization.   As a senior management team that had recently joined the organization, Sylvia led us through a discovery of the workplace culture within the organization, and helped identify key issues that were contributing to a poor culture.

Sylvia presented her findings to the team and used a practical and straightforward approach to encourage each team member to commit to a group culture of respect and support.  Her one-to-one coaching sessions with the senior management team offered honest and insightful perspectives, and were very beneficial in assisting us in our continued progress to a more positive organizational culture.

Lisa Veit, Associate Director, Guelph Humane Society

I highly recommend Sylvia Plester-Silk to any organization that is looking to improve employee morale and results. She recently completed her organizational diagnosis (Discovery Process).  I was impressed with the insights she offered about the internal dynamics of my organization. Not only was her information detailed and specific, she was able to offer suggestions for improvements that fit our organization’s specific needs. She was a pleasure to work with.

Bob Connors, General Manager, Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

I would encourage any organization that would like to know and understand their current milieu to engage with On Purpose Consulting. I found the whole process from the beginning to the end, which included Executive Coaching, a great experience.

Sylvia took us through her Discovery Process which was a very easy and all telling exercise. As a result of working with her, staff felt heard and changes have been made to make Dunara an even better place to work.

Yvonne Bowes, Executive Director, Dunara Homes for Recovery Inc.

Through the executive coaching I received from Sylvia, I gained self-awareness and improved communication skills. I learned how to lead my employees in a manner that helps me be better understood enabling our organization to move forward.

I’m better understood by my senior team and my employees as a result of implementing techniques I learned from Sylvia.

I highly recommend Sylvia to managers looking to better understand their management team, how to lead more effectively through improved communication, and listening skills.

Dan Pisani, Director, Town of Georgina

“It was a pleasure to work with Sylvia. She is professional and uses her wealth of knowledge to analyse the situation and deliver results.”

Matthew Phillips, Richardson GMP

“… We appreciated again the strength of our team as we got to know each other better, see new elements of each other that we don’t recognize in the daily work, and gained new skills and insights, particularly around communication.  I recommend Sylvia as a facilitator in shaking up any staff complacency by leading them to broaden their thinking and their approach to problem solving.”

Lorna Schwartzentruber, Onward Willow Better Beginnings, Better Futures

“We had Sylvia as our guest speaker for our AGM meeting. It sure turned out to be a fantastic and fun evening! Sylvia, with her natural enthusiasm and ability to engage an audience, got us up out of our chairs, and in no time we were laughing and having fun.  I would recommend Sylvia 100% to any organization who either needs an energy boost, or who needs to learn that life, even while working, can truly be fun.”

Jody Hay, GWIN President

“I recently attended Sylvia’s Expanding Your Comfort Zone to Increase Your Bottom Line Workshop. It was very entertaining and enlightening. I would highly recommend this workshop to groups or teams who want to work together in a more productive and supportive way.”

Lisa Ivaldi , GWIN member

“Thank you for speaking to the Business and Professional Women of KW this week. You’re an engaging speaker, who speaks with ease, and from your heart. We left the meeting feeling uplifted and more accepting of who we are.”

Elaine Mortensen, President BPW KW

“I wanted to thank you again for the stress management workshop you did with us. It was really quite amazing. Thanks again for your time and energy, and for empowering me with techniques I can use whenever I feel stressed!!”

Alex Honeyman, Staff Renascent House

“Sylvia Plester-Silk is a knowledgeable, energetic and engaging presenter. The workshop was well received by staff and was informative and thought provoking. In fact, we liked her so much we have invited her back to do a workshop on Energetic Stress Management! I would highly recommend Sylvia. Not only do you get a seasoned professional with a wealth of knowledge, but you get a dedicated and passionate presenter who ensures she is providing the information needed. She’s funny too, which makes the learning process fun for all!”

Cathy Barrick, Director of Operations, Renascent

“Sylvia’s presentation “Unleash Your Communication Skills for Results” was very well received at North York Central Library. She has a great way of engaging the audience with humour, motivation and practical information. It was great to see participants implement Sylvia’s communication tips with the exercises she had them do that evening. I wouldn’t hesitate to invite her back to the library and based on the participants’ comments and high ratings, they would love to hear more.”

Ashley Marissa Spencer, Library Assistant at Toronto Public Library

“Sylvia’s presentation “Unleashing Collaborative Results” was very well received at PMI lake shore Dinner meeting. She has a great way of engaging the audience with hands on exercise for audience and convey her point without people realizing how simple and effective it was just by switching words for example from I to we and be open minded and inclusive in our way of thinking. She maintains humour, motivation and engaged audience with practical information. It was great to see participants taking notes and asking lots of question during and even after her presentation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sylvia based on her skills and he strength to engage audience. “

Syed Mohib Ashraf M.ENG, PMP, MEF-CECP, ITIL, Telecom Engineering Professional, Project / Implementation Manager,Network Migration Planner,Team Player.

“I want to commend you on what an excellent job you did with what could be deemed a very dysfunctional group of individuals!  I want to thank for being as incredibly professional as you were dealing with such serious, sensitive issues, and for giving us back that hope that some of us may have lost along the way!”

A. Aarsen, Intake Worker, Westover

“Wow, the experience with Sylvia, of On Purpose Consulting, is strengthening; individually and as a group! Sylvia creates an opportunity for a human experience which encourages the real stuff that makes us a team.  Fun, exhilarating and so very challenging…. a day I will never forget…ever!”

M. Malone, Staff Westover

“Thanks Sylvia for the great work you have done with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce staff to help us understand some of the internal dynamics of customer service. We have seen improvements already!”

Lloyd Longfield, President & CAO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce