The connection I felt with Sylvia upon introduction was immediate. I knew I needed some clarity for the transition of and focus for my businesses as I was running 4 business and it was time to make a change. I needed someone to offer me some clear insight and alignment. The 1:1 VIP day Sylvia offered me was perfect. Despite an intense day completely focused on moving forwards, Sylvia's enthusiasm, sense of humour and fun while “doing the work” together allowed for great leaps forward in a very short time. Sylvia is 100% committed and provides processes that offer total clarity, a clear plan for moving forward, and then a 30 day follow up to provide accountability and keep the well organized plan on track. At the end of day I felt like I had successfully completed a marathon, with a clear understanding of the direction, and the action plan in place. Knowing Sylvia was with me every step of the way kept me productive, accountable and on purpose! Thank you Sylvia for all your assistance.

Simone Usselman-Tod, Wild about Wellness

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Sylvia Plester-Silk, B.S.W. is a locally renowned entrepreneur who continues to gain appreciation as a remarkable team dynamics specialist and inspirational speaker. She is the author of “Unleashing Team Potential: Lessons for Managers from My Canine Friends”

A veteran professional of 20 years, Sylvia broke clinical ground as a Registered Social Worker and her past experiences led her to assist others as a life-long career. Her passion is for healthy teams and workplaces.

Through Sylvia’s honest and often humorous approach, real life stories and dynamic energy, audiences will be entertained and will gain valuable insights to assist them to work more effectively with their team dynamics.


Topics Include:


I Survived a Toxic Workplace: Insights to Shift your Leadership Practice


Choosing to leave a job she really loved because of the toxicity of the work environment was really tough. In retrospect, Sylvia gained so much from that experience and has made a commitment to share her insights to improve Team Dynamics.

What you’ll Gain:

  • How Accountability really counts: Best practices for successful teams.
  • Conflict isn’t always interpersonal:  Getting below the surface to the real cause.
  • Gratitude Rocks: How to show Felt Appreciation to your team members
  • To Trust … or Not to Trust … What is the difference?
  • Your Energy Tells all: How we show up is seen by all.


In this keynote Sylvia Plester-Silk will share her story and how she uses this to assist Non-Profits to shift their team from conflict to collaboration and cooperation.


Conflict 2.0: Have you have Been Avoiding your Next Big Solution?

Conflict costs Canadian Business $16.1 Billion per year! Despite monies invested in conflict resolution training, this problem continues to exist. Organizations are stuck in an old conflict framework that no longer serves our organizations, teams, and clients/members.

It’s time for Conflict 2.0, a fresh perspective conflict. Stop focusing on how to have those conversations and create a new paradigm that will shift how you experience conflict.

Participants will learn:

  • The 3 mindsets that create problematic conflict and how to shift them.
  • How to embrace Conflict as a solution.
  • How Conflict can renew your team and organization.

For far too long, teams and organizations have seen conflict as a threat. It is time to redefine how we view conflict and shift our mindset to embrace new solutions.


Accountability for Team Success


Holding people accountable is a key leadership strategy and an often misunderstood process. It can be the oil that keeps a team working optimally. Yet, many leaders struggle with holding people accountable as they fear it will cause discomfort and conflict. When accountability is an ongoing part of the organizational culture, trust increases and productivity will soar.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • What accountability is and is not and will understand the importance of this process
  • How Acount-4-ability™ will really impact your team’s success
  • How to use this as a key communication strategy to improve your team dynamics
  • Tips and techniques to offer valuable feedback that informs, instructs and inspires your team members

Account-4-Ability™ is an art form, that when delivered with the right energy, allows people to rise to their potential, know their true abilities and motivates teams to excel.


The 5 Essential Elements to Unleash Your Team’s Potential


Team Dynamics can make or break your organization. Poor team dynamics result in competition, conflict, confusion, increased sick time and lack of productivity.

If you are want to improve your results, exploring your team dynamics is a powerful way to start. These often misunderstood and hidden undercurrents can significantly sabotage your efforts to drive your organization forward. Understanding what you, as a leader can do to improve these dynamics, will equip you to improve team functioning, team results and ultimately, and your bottom line.

In this engaging keynote, Sylvia helps leaders expose the 5 key Elements that influence team interactions. Using real-life stories, she demonstrates the pitfalls and benefits of team dynamics at work.

Participants will:

  • Learn the 5 key elements that unleash team potential
  • Understand the symptoms vs. cause of poor productivity
  • Come away with a starting point to make the needed shifts in their organization

If you want more effective and engaged employees, the 5 C’s can get you there!


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