Discovery Process

“I had a coaching session with Sylvia where she helped me to understand my value - and to raise my rates by 30%. Not only that, she helped me to communicate the increase with my clients - and instead of getting pushback from my clients, they were actually excited about what I was doing and what it meant for them. Sylvia’s help had been invaluable in this move for my business.”

Courtney Wilson, Creative Director, MoonSoar Services

On Purpose Consulting’s Discovery Process is for you if:

  • Your team is struggling to work together and despite your best efforts, you haven’t turned the team around.
  • You have a toxic manager and want to understand how to best deal with them.
  • You want to know what your employees really think about the running of your organization.
  • You’ve had challenges getting new procedures and changes implemented, but are not clear on where the resistance comes from.
  • You wonder what is going well, what needs improvement and what is really not working effectively at all.
  • You want to ask questions that are critical to your success, but don’t have the time.

The Discovery Process gives quality information with confirmation of what you are doing well, and suggestions for improvement.

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