The Real Impacts of Poor Team Dynamics

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Often reduced to petty interpersonal disagreements, poor team dynamics impact every aspect of your organization, both internal and external. As a team dynamics consultant, I’m called upon when these team dynamics are challenging.

Common symptoms of my clients at the beginning are infighting, silos, personal disagreements, high rates of sick time and staff turnover, to name a few. Yet many Executive Directors negate the seriousness of these dynamics to being just interpersonal conflict.

Let’s take one non-profit organization/client I worked with 5 years ago as an example. They had poor team dynamics, constant conflict in the organization. As a result, the internal staff did not want to come to work as they were highly stressed – many experienced burnout, and felt negative about their work.

While it had a strong impact on employees, it also had strongly impacted their reputation in the community – community members did not like the rude treatment, the judgment and negativity they experienced when interacting with employees. If you had done a Google Search on this client at the time, they received very low star reviews (about 2). Today they rate at 4.5 – the only difference is that they addressed the team dynamics and now staff wants to come to work, and are happy at work.

Their poor reputation in the community strongly impacted their ability to fundraise. This year, in a single fundraising event alone they surpassed the amount of money it took them an entire year to raise prior to our work together!

And it goes further! Unhappy employees, like unhappy customers, tend to chat whether it’s to friends or on their social media accounts. Websites like Glass Door allow individuals to rate their employer. It doesn’t take many negative reviews before your reputation as an employer is damaged.

Rest assured, your potential employees are doing an online search about your organization before applying for jobs! The challenge is that a person who would be a great team member that values the culture above other factors, will not apply for your position.

So if you are experiencing the symptoms of poor team dynamics, don’t ignore them! Let’s chat!
You can’t afford to ignore them. Let’s work together and get your organization filled with motivated, happy employees who do the extra effort for your organization! Build that positive reputation in your community!