Success Planning … 101


So, you’ve no doubt created the operational plan for the next year, looked at the resources allocation for the same, and probably even ensured that the team goals are in place. That’s great, however, that’s only the beginning.

“Nobody becomes highly successful by accident. Intentional growth is the key.”
From John C. Maxwell’s article, Success Magazine, January 2016 issue.

The importance of a Personal Growth Plan is because you need to plan for it and schedule it to ensure you continue to grow. So what’s your own professional development plan?

Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • What are your strengths? Areas of challenge (otherwise known as areas for future growth)?
  • Are there areas in your work and personal life where you continue to struggle despite your best efforts?

Now that you have developed a list of two or three areas of growth, here are some thoughts to assist you to create your plan:

  • What books would give you new perspectives on your work or give you new insights?
  • Who would you like to connect with and create relationships with to increase your knowledge and skill base?
  • Is there a mentor or Executive Coach that could assist you specifically in these areas?
  • Is there a course that you would benefit from taking? What form best suits your learning style and schedule? In person, audio recordings, webinars?

Once you have listed a few ways to grow in these areas, take out your planner and schedule the time for these tasks. You will need to protect these times and not allow other things to erode away this time, because personal growth is the key to success.

Now, that you’ve created your plan you can encourage your direct reports to do the same.

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