Staying in the Game


I recently was at the home opener for the Hamilton Ti-Cats at Alumni Stadium, University of Guelph. What was remarkable about the game was that despite hours of drenching rain causing the field to resemble a splash pad, the players stayed motivated and ‘in the game’. I remained until the beginning of the 4th quarter when my need to get dry overwhelmed me.

As I observed, I thought about how they did it and these are my insights:

  1. Certain players, like the kickers, practiced their skills
  2. Some took turns on the stationary bike to warm up for the next time they took the field
  3. Many cheered their fellow players  through body language and/or verbal comments
  4. While on the sidelines, the players observed the play on the field with interest and moved most of the time


How do you stay in the game at work when you perhaps are finding tasks routine, are experiencing boredom or ‘bad weather’ such as high stress?

Staying in the game is really about motivation – staying in the more mundane tasks while focusing on the outcomes. What can you use as personal incentives?

I’d love to read your insights on what works for you … please share your comment below.

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