Simple Moments and Gratitude

Take time to focus on gratitude (2)

Last evening I held my lovely 3-month old grand-niece as she peacefully slept in my arms. As I looked at her peaceful face, I felt gratitude and pleasure. To be snuggled by her little body and know that she felt so safe in my arms – Ah, what an incredible gift!

It’s so easy to get caught in focusing on what’s not right, what could be better and miss what’s working in our work and lives. We can often overhear conversations in coffee shops, restaurants and public spaces of people complaining about things. And we can all fall into this void.

How to Shift from Negativity to Gratitude?

  1. Recognize that you are in the negative “void”. You’ll know because your body will feel tense, your energy gets low and you are easily frustrated or annoyed.
  2. Ask, what is right about this situation? What might I gain by this experience?
  3. List 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. These might be in the current situation that you are struggling with or from some other aspect of your life.
  4. Send a note of appreciation to someone that did something for you that you really appreciate.
  5. Write a note of thanks to yourself about what you have done recently that worked well for you and others.
  6. Take a moment of gratitude at least weekly where you write down your gratitude list. You might even choose to purchase a journal to serve as your personal gratitude journal – a special place for special moments in your life and work.
  7. As you sit around the table enjoying your thanksgiving meal, offer thanks for the efforts everyone made to create this experience.

As we approach our Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada, I encourage you to explore what simple pleasures give you a sense of gratitude and pleasure – including at work. Take time to bask in the magnificence that is in your life. Savor those moments.