What are Team Dynamics?

Thanks so much Sylvia for all your knowledge and help during the Business of Healing workshops.  You really pinpointed some aspects of my business I need to focus on on and why it was important.  After the first session I saw a dramatic shift in seeing my own value and worth and setting expectations with clients.  I am still processing information but I do know that these courses have been a great value and help to me and my business.

Angela Donnelly

Team dynamics are the interactions that occur between individual team members, subgroups with the team and the entire team. These are influenced by communications at all levels; including verbal exchanges, non-verbal and written correspondence. They are also highly impacted by organizational structure, leadership’s management style and the values of the organization.

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Highly Functioning Teams operate with harmonious team dynamics which include interactions based on trust and respect. Individuals in these teams opening and respectfully express support, as well as differences of opinion and are open to honest feedback. They are willing to hold each other and themselves accountable to their respective workloads and team output goals. There is an underlying alignment of values within team members, and with the organization at large. Through open communication, these teams excel as they work collaboratively towards creative solutions surpassing expectations and increasing output.

Dysfunctional team dynamics are often based on assumptions, judgments and competition and thus impact the team through breaking down trust. In these teams, individuals hide their vulnerabilities, and cover errors and mistakes. Blaming is a common behavior resulting in gossiping, cliques within the team, taking essential time away from the work. Communication is often indirect or non-existent resulting in even more assumptions being made. As time goes on, unresolved conflict becomes the modus operandi of the team with this increased stress, individuals often miss time from work, and important deadlines. Low morale and high turnover are also symptoms of these teams.

On Purpose Consulting works with the teams to increase communication, build trust and work through perceptions that are sabotaging team efforts. The following services are available to help your team become a highly functioning team:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Dynamics Facilitation
  • Team Coaching
  • Team Training
  • Leadership Training

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