Passion at Work


Last Friday I had the opportunity to present a workshop in Toronto named Working in Alignment: Ethics for Addiction Counsellors.  I awoke on Friday morning feeling like it was Christmas … my inner dialogue was “I get to drive to Toronto and do a workshop today” with excitement. I felt like a child in a candy store who was told she could have everything she desired.

If that is not enough, after the workshop, I “flew home” … let’s be honest, it was Friday afternoon rush hour and my drive was 2.5 hours long! What I mean is, that I was so happy and inspired that the drive was awesome too. Okay, that was after I called my brother-in-law for directions to ensure I wasn’t lost. Still, no stress …

Even now, days later, as I share about my experience, I have a viseral reaction in my body of pure pleasure. I have found my passion … being at the front of the room and sharing my insights to assist others is amazing. I cannot get enough of this divine experience.

The feedback I was given was also amazing … imagine, you are in a basement room with approximately 20 others, on a beautiful sunny day taking a workshop on Ethics … I know, you’re beginning to yawn … however I was told it was “fun, funny and engaging” and other such accolades!!! Everyone was fully engaged throughout the entire workshop!

So, what I’m learning is that when I embrace my passion, I allow others to join me for a short journey of fun as well.

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