Are you saying Not Yet, No or Yes?

Susan Aglukark, Sylvia

“Trust the fear, it will always be there. Take advantage of opportunities and don’t fear the challenge, because that’s where the lessons are learned.” ~Susan Aglukark

I recently had the privilege to hear Susan Aglukark keynote and sing at a local event. She shared her story of how she minimized her ability to sing, citing she was simply a preacher’s daughter and “singing in the choir was what we did”.

Several times, she denied her talents to people in the music industry. I’m grateful that they encouraged her until she could see her talent and the opportunity it presents. As I reflected on her story, I thought about those opportunities I’ve let slip by in my life because I didn’t have the confidence to say yes.

How many times have you stepped back from opportunity because you told yourself you weren’t ready yet? Do you hold back, waiting until you have it all together?

Thinking that you just need to learn more before you could do a new task or apply for a promotion may simply be holding you back. Many people feel that they “just need one more course” or “I need more experience” before stepping up for a new identity.

Folks, it’s that fear being present – so just name that fear and step out of your comfort zone. Take the risk – because you might just be successful! If you make mistakes, you can learn and grow from them.

What if you fear success? Saying no because you are frightened will keep your gifts from being fully expressed. Because if you allow anxiety or fear sit in the driver’s seat of your life you will even more create chaos and doubt. Your mind will be busy monkey speak or negative self-talk. Fortunately, there are great techniques in my toolbox that can help you shift your mindset to realize your full potential! I truly believe success is possible for all – and that the fear of success can easily be overcome.

Playing small does not serve the world as Marianne Williamson says. So step up, be bold and see a new vision of yourself. If it doesn’t work out, at least you have given it your best shot and will have learned new lessons and skills.

Get a coach who will celebrate your wins and encourage your growth in business and in life. Sometimes we need someone outside ourselves to reflect back our real destiny and abilities.

In contrast, at the end of the evening, I meant another business owner who decided last year to say “yes” to all opportunities last year – and is experiencing remarkable success. And if Susan had of kept saying yes, we would have not had the gift of her wonderful message and voice!

Saying No, and not yet is likely to hold back your growth and progress so step up and take that risk!

What will you say “YES!” to today?

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