#MeFirst Campaign – 7 Suggestions to Energize You

Musical Puppy

It’s time to focus on self-care. I’m suggesting a #MeFirst Campaign where you begin to focus on your own needs and desires.

I’m hearing people bogged down by the recent time change, the dark mornings and generally feeling tired.  So, by fulfilling your needs to be nurtured and pampered, you’ll actually have more bandwidth to be there for your team.

So, here are 7 ways you can do some quick self-care:

  1. Take a Break – Yes, this is self-care 101 – take timeouts. Research shows that this improves your ability to think and problem solve. So, schedule 10 to 15 minute breaks into your day.
  2. Focus on YOU – What makes you feel joyful? Perhaps you can put your earbuds in and listen to your favourite tunes for 5 minutes? Or it may be a guided meditation that energizes you, whatever sounds can re-charge you, take a quick listen.
  3. Sleep – Allow yourself to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Sleep hygiene is getting to bed at a consistent time every night so that your body has a clear rest cycle. Shut down your laptop at least 40 minutes prior to shut-eye time. Don’t listen to the evening news just before falling to sleep, but read, create a gratitude list.
  4. Have Fun! – Schedule fun and laughter for your team. How can you shift the focus on your next team meeting to share joyful moments or a funny story that they’ve experienced? Shifting up the energy of your meeting can then bring forward more creative solutions forward in the remainder of the meeting.
  5. Diet – Yes, pay attention to how you are eating. Make sure you are getting healthy meals and snacks. When you are depleted and eating sweets, your energy will plummet and leave you even more tired. Consider having protein snacks like yogurt, nuts, or even healthy fruits close at hand throughout your day.
  6. Breathe – Take time to take in some deep breaths. This can refocus and recharge your body and mind. You might even visualize yourself at your favourite spot. Mine is at the beach with warm weather and a light breeze. Ah, I’m already feeling more relaxed!
  7. Get some Exercise – Find a way to exercise that you like, whether it’s dancing to your favourite tunes, running or taking a class it doesn’t matter. And finding what you enjoy that allows you to be active is most important because you’ll have fun at the same time.

So what can you do today even if you have only 5 minutes for your #MeFirst moment? Make yourself a priority in your day and energize yourself so you can be present for yourself and your team members today.

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