Labyrinths and Inner Reflection


Yesterday I had the opportunity to walk a labyrinth at a dear friend’s birthday party. A labyrinth is a form of walking meditation; you release on the walk-in, receive in the middle of the circle, and then return from the centre to exit.

My intention was on Abundance. As I slowly walked into the labyrinth and made my first turn, I looked down and saw a 4-leaf clover. I bent down and picked up that sucker. Later as I was talking with another friend who walked in front of me, she shared how she often searched for 4-leaf clovers and never saw it. Clearly, it was for me.

This got me thinking about “signs” that we receive that can open us up to find the right answers and realize the desired potential. Yet sometimes we are so busy with the day-to-day activities that we fail to take time to self-reflect. Other times we might be searching so intensely for the “signs” of which choice to make that we fail to notice them.

While a walking meditation, such as labyrinth walking may seem hokey to you, for me it is a time to move my focus within, listen intently to where I am in the moment, and to be aware of my thoughts and feelings.

Where do you find time to go within?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Yoga, meditation (whether guided on using a breathing practice)
  2. Exercise, walking, gardening
  3. Being in nature, near a body of water
  4. Listening to the birds or a CD of nature sounds
  5. Journaling
  6. Talking to a trusted advisor, or a good friend who is highly skilled at listening
  7. Whatever activity or inactivity that calms your mind, allows you to reflect on your inner thoughts, desires, and needs

Whichever of these work for you, make sure that you schedule them daily or regularly. I’m lucky that I live with my 4-legged companion that regularly reminds me of the need for a good walk.

Also, take time to notice symbols, inner thoughts & sensations that you are experiencing – do they in some way relate to what you need at the moment? What is their significance for you?
Taking time to notice the 4-leaf clovers or “to stop and smell the roses” allows you to reduce your stress, get in touch with your inner self so that you are more open to seeing the “signs” within you…and even some that the universe is providing to you. And, ultimately will assist you in making even better decisions.