Is there Sunshine in Your Organization?

Sun Shining Through Yellow Leaves In The Forest

In October, while driving to my cottage I took the scenic route. It was a very drab day however, as I looked at the view, I saw lots of crimson, oranges and yellow against the back drop of Georgian Bay. What I realized is that the beauty was there, yet lacking the sun it was not spectacular. It needed the sun shining to bring all the elements of a beautiful day to light – or from drab to fab.

I was thinking of how this is common in many work environments. There is much good work happening, and yet something feels like it is missing. What is the missing illumination? Perhaps it’s the energy or light of appreciation of employees, teams and outcomes.

Research has shown that having an environment of appreciation in a workplace can improve the employee engagement by up to 28.4%. That’s right, simply going through the process of acknowledging your team member’s good work and positive attitude can help employees to feel appreciated and more committed.

So what does this cost? Nothing – it’s simply taking the time to write a note of appreciation, taking the time in meetings to express appreciation of each other’s contribution (in the manner that is comfortable for them). By focusing on what’s going well and placing the beam of light on it causes the positive energy to grow. Then team members can begin to appreciate each other’s work and you’ve created a positive work environment.

By sharing your appreciation or gratitude for their skills, efforts and outcomes, you can shift your culture to one of positivity and growth.

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