Is there Night Blindness in Your Organization?

night blindness

Years ago during a camp fire, we learned that a friend had night blindness. She simply was unable to see once the sun when down. She stopped being able to perceive light at all. I think this sometimes happens with leaders who are showing blindness to the issues in their organization.

When a manager turns a blind eye to inappropriate behaviours, they are simply not doing their job. When these issues get ignored there are a variety of consequences that begin to happen. The team can begin to develop coping behaviours that are not helpful. These coping strategies may include gossiping, venting, and even sabotaging others. The mindset may be, if they can get away with that, who cares about me, why do I need to work so hard?

These behaviours steal from the productivity of the organization, result in poor team dynamics and then company culture suffers. When you have poor company culture, it’s like trying to swim against the tide – takes a lot of energy and progress is very slow.

I recently worked with an organization where a manager was allowed to engage in a number of inappropriate behaviours. This person would micromanage direct reports and would manipulate them. When appropriately addressed, the employees in the organization began to feel more confident in their roles, happier at work, and became even more committed to the organization.

As a manager, I challenge you to look at where you may have been using night blindness as a coping strategy. If you are unsure of how to effectively address the situation, then approach your HR department or consider Executive Coaching.

When you “see the light” and address the uncomfortable issues, then you free up space to improve team dynamics and productivity.

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