I am Struggling with Change – Again! Argh!

Time For Change. Red And Steel Edition


I believe that change is an important part of life. In fact, the very thought of not learning has caused me to make significant life changes – for the good!

Having shared that, if I’m truly honest, I still struggle with it – especially with technology. A few years ago my accountant suggested that I shift to QuickBooks and you would have thought he was suggesting that I sign up for torture.

Last year, I had to shift my business email system to a new system. Today, I’m sitting here in GRATITUDE because I have done both. Yes, I whined to anyone who would listen. Yes, I questioned and challenged the change. Yes, I struggled to learn a new way and had fears arise. Yet it all was for the best! So why did I fight it so much?

Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone of how we like things to happen and what we like to do. The challenge is that the status quo can shift and if we don’t shift with it, we can become obsolete in our thinking and practices. When that happens, we can lose out on opportunities because we fear or reject them. Just like those old slightly smelly slippers, it feels really comfy!

We all need to be careful that our Comfort Zones don’t become our Constriction Zones!

The amount of challenge we experience with change is directly dependent on how we approach it.
Growth and learning is part of the human condition. So what can we do differently for ourselves and others in our work and life?

Change Management

I know Change Management is an often overused phrase. Yet, the number of changes we are all faced with on a regular basis – especially those that we perceive to be outside of our control, can be overwhelming. And regardless of whether we choose the change or not, we all have 100% control over how we choose to cope with it!

Become aware of what your process is. Change is always a process – and we all deserve to find a way to assist us individually to maneuver through it with better ease and grace.

  • Look back at the last 3 or 5 significant changes that occurred in your life. Make a list of them.
  • Note whether you perceived each change to be in your control or not?
  • What did you do to cope with the change?
  • Were they business or personal in nature? Do you tend to cope the same way or differently depending on this?
  • What part of the process helped? What hindered?
  • Review the parts that hindered your change process. What could you shift to create a smoother experience where you lessen your struggle to enable a smoother transition for yourself?
  • Make a list of change coping strategies that work for you and keep them in a location where you’ll remember to look at them the next time you experience change.
  • Finally, make note of the benefits of the change that occurred.

Next time you are about to experience another change, you can be comforted that you’ve learned to cope even better with change and that you can get through it successfully. Partially because you have a plan and because you recognize you have succeeded in the past!

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