How will You be Memorable?

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During a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, I experienced incredible customer service at the Hop On Hop Off buses. I had the opportunity to speak with their manager, Gary, and share my appreciation. He spoke of coaching his staff to “be memorable”.

In January, I heard Deri Latimer of Positivity Speaking share her incredible message. One of the key messages I received was to think about what you want others to say about you after an interaction with them before you connect with them. Or in other words, how do you want to be remembered by them – what are the key feelings and characteristics you would wish they think of you having?

In terms of neuroscience, when we focus on positive energy or feelings before an interaction, we set ourselves and the other person up for success. This is because we experience dopamine and oxytocin when we are in a positive framework. These neurotransmitters are sometimes referred to as the “love” chemicals. When we experience these feel good chemicals, our facial expression changes, our voice tone and body language shift into a more compassionate mode.

Deri shared about “changing our filters” when we are having a difficulty with someone else. Rather than focusing on what they are doing wrong, to reframe or in my new work “re-mind” yourself of a positive outlook about the person instead. For example, instead of “she’s doesn’t have time to make me a priority”, you might shift it to “she wants to make time, and so how can I make it easier for her to work with me?” Once we change our mindset to be positive, we open up to other possibilities and positivity.

We have influence over how others remember us simply by the energy we hold, the thoughts we have and our behaviour. So spend some time … how do you want to BE MEMORABLE? What are the words that capture that energy? Then you are ready to proceed with a positive focus and create incredible experiences and memories for yourself and others.

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