How To Do a “Year in Review”


It’s common to let the past year’s successes, opportunities, and failures to be in the past – perhaps you’ve been saying something like, “I can’t wait for 2017, as it will be a fresh start”. Well, doing a ‘year in review’ is an invaluable resource for the future.

Take the time to review key events that you experienced in 2016. There are three categories to consider:

  1. What were my successes and breakthroughs?
  2. What opportunities did I accept and what ones did I let slip by?
  3. What were my failures or the situations where I did not get the results that I hoped for?

Now that you have your list, here’s what to do with it.

  1. Celebrate the Successes. Look at each individual breakthrough and feel the satisfaction of each victory you achieved. What helped you accomplish these victories?
  2. Ask yourself, as a result of these successes, what did you learn about yourself?
  3. Look at the Opportunities. What caused you to take on an opportunity? Conversely, what elements were present when you let opportunities to slip by? (For example, was it fear, questioning your abilities, and so on)
  4. How might you address these elements in a different manner in the upcoming year? How might you work through the fears, etc., so that you might take on even more opportunities for success in the future?
  5. Now look at the failures, as you remember these are learning opportunities. What created the results that you experienced? Look at both the positive and negatives of each situation.
  6. Now write down a list of goals for the upcoming year based on these “year in review” insights.
  7. What resources and types of support do you need to help you reach these goals? It may be reading material, self-help books, taking seminars, or executive coaching.
  8. Take one step now to reaching these goals by putting the supports you need in place.

Now you have gained so much from the past year, take some time to set intentions that you can act on in the upcoming year. Imagine how you’ll be even more successful next year!

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