Being Heart-Centered at Work Starts with You

Man Cupping His Hands Protectively Over A Heart

I thought because today is Valentine’s Day, that it would be a great opportunity to talk about the importance of being heart-centered in business. But, let’s start at home – with you!

How are you taking care of yourself? Make yourself your own Valentine’s today by setting up weekly self-care activities.

  1. Refill your own cup first – What makes you feel relaxed, calm and then recharges you?
    Think about your 5 senses and how you can “feed” yourself by doing activities for each sense. It may be listening to your favourite genre of movies, the smell of a wood burning fire, getting a massage, reading a good book or taking in a beautiful scene, or savoring your favourite beverage or meal. Whatever works for you and gives you energy. Take out your day planner and make an important appointment with yourself do these things right now!
  2. Boundaries – Taking lunch and breaks.
    Research has shown that not taking regular breaks decreases your ability to concentrate and be as productive. So make sure that you are getting up and moving around. Take time away from your desk (or work area) to eat your lunch. Sometimes a simple change of location can shift your perspective enough that you are able to see a solution that was evading you. You will come back to your work with increased efficiency.
  3. Speaking Up – Being honest with yourself and others.
    Make a commitment to yourself to speak up with care and candidness when something is a concern. About 25% of people avoid what they perceive as a difficult conversation for over a year. A year filled with that stress in the back of your mind, building tension between you and the other person. Simply have a conversation that’s honest and caring before it’s a problem. You’ll find that you are freed from thinking of this situation once you’ve talked it through.
  4. Acknowledging Wins – Celebrate you!
    We all work hard! We often are seeking recognition from an outside source – and the one person who really needs to pay attention is you! Do you list your ‘wins’ of the day or week or month? Taking the time to fully acknowledge your accomplishments and growth allow you to take the next steps. How do you give yourself a shout out? Do something special or yourself on a regular basis simply to celebrate you!
    Once you make the list things you have accomplished in your life, you can use it to re-energize yourself. Also, when you are having a difficult day, you can simply pull out the list and remind yourself how capable and talented you really are.
  5. Practice Gratitude – and your life will be happier!
    The active daily practice of being grateful – perhaps for the smallest things in life can help to pay attention to what’s going well. Ever had one of those days when you thought “what more can go wrong?” and you are stressed to the max? Taking the time to list the things that well in the day can often free up much needed brain space. We don’t focus or think as clearly when stressed as the cortisol flows through our bodies. However, with gratitude practice, your dopamine and serotonin levels go up (these are natural anti-depressants in the brain).

I encourage you to start with yourself and increase your level of compassion and self-care today. Will you be … your own Valentine this year?

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