Has Brainstorming Got Your Team Stuck in Stalemate?

Man tries to solve a problem

You’ve been working on a project and have hit a stalemate and the solution seems evasive at best. You continue to brainstorm and look for the answer. You find your team getting more and more frustrated and the energy in the team is so low that it’s bordering on depression. So, what if brainstorming is the problem?

What if you shifted your focus to Question Storming® (Marilee Adams, Ph.D.)® instead?

What is Q-Storming®? It’s the process of seeking questions that expand one’s thinking about a situation thus freeing up energy to explore the situation from a fresh perspective – with the curiosity of the learner mindset. As we take the time to channel our inner 4 year old and inquire from that deep curiosity and love of learning, we open new ways at looking at the situation.

The first step is to ask, “What questions need to be raised and answered to better understand our goal?” Once you’ve given your team time to ask questions, you’ll be able to clearly set the goal. Make sure you capture all the questions, take the time to review the list and notice the questions that haven’t been asked before – these may be the keys to success.

The next step is to ask, “What are the questions that need to be asked and answered to reach this goal?” Again, make notes and review as a team and then shift these questions into actionable items that will result in your goal being reached.

Observe how questions shift your team into innovation, creative thinking and greater results. Thus releasing you from stalemate and helps to win the game!

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