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We are coming up to the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada and for me it’s a time of reflection and gratitude. A time to think about what is going well in my life and using the positive feelings to create even better results for the remainder of the calendar year.

Does your workplace culture have gratitude? Do team members take the time to appreciate one another? Do you as a manager or executive share how grateful you are for the efforts that people put forward in their work?

The practice of gratitude is powerful in motivating ourselves and often those who experience true appreciation from another. Gratitude has the power to shift a mood from gloomy and negative to hopeful and optimistic. So, how do you practice gratitude?

  1. Get a journal and at the beginning and/or end of each day write the things in your life and work that you really appreciate. They don’t have to be earth shattering successes, simply some small thing that went well or that you are grateful for.
  2. Make a list of ten things each day that you feel gratitude for.
  3. Sharing with the individual(s) what they did that was helpful to you. When you share the feeling of gratitude it grows.
  4. Consider instituting Gratitude Moments in your team such as at each team meeting take 3 to 5 minutes to allow people to share their gratitude. This activity will increase engagement and creativity.

When I worked in Addictions we used to say “put gratitude in your attitude”. So I challenge you today to add gratitude as a way of life and watch your new success and you may find yourself feeling less stress and increased optimism!

Happy Thanksgiving (or should I say Happy Gratitude Day)!




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  1. We can never get enough reminders to be grateful for what we take so for granted each day.

    Love the put ‘gratitude in your attitude’ – that works for teens too I bet!

    10 things to be grateful for seems a lot. I did 3-5 each day for 365 days and I think it changed my life. There’s SO much to get thankful for!

    Thanks for a great blog post.

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