Yes! No! Maybe So!

Learn How to Trust your Intuition to Enhance your Business Results

Sylvia Plester-Silk-12

Do you struggle with making the right decision?
Do you second guess your choices?
Do you avoid making key business decisions?

Our inner knowing is a gift that we all possess.  The goal of this workshop is to learn how to “find the answer within”.

When you learn to use your instincts effectively, you will make even better business decisions.

Participants will walk away with:

A clear understanding of your intuitive nature and how it talks to you.

Techniques to quiet your inner critic and stop the “flip flop” decision making process.

How to be grounded with your chosen direction.

This is workshop ideal for…

  • Those looking to build more confidence in the decision making process.
  • Those who rely excessively on outside opinions to determine a course of action.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. Perhaps you are just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a while, but are feeling stuck and needing to shift to even more success.

Our intuition is an important business skill. If Oprah, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have relied on it and create great success through their choices why wouldn’t you?

“Grow Your Comfort Zone” – Go from Being Stuck to Finding Success

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

Feel like something is lacking?

Bored with your daily routine?

In this fun and interactive workshop, we explore how easy it is begin the process of growing your comfort zone. We’ll use elements of play and learn how to live life fully in the moment!

In this engaging workshop you will…

  • Develop skills to “see” new choices and make more options available to you.
  • Increase your comfort in committing to the “new” life choices
  • Learn how to welcome challenges as they surface so you can stay committed.

This workshop is ideal for…

  • Woman entrepreneurs looking to break through the glass ceiling.
  • Companies looking to improve team dynamics
  • Organizations seeking to increase innovative thinking.


Workshop Formats Available

These sessions are available as a 30-minute, half day and Full Day sessions.

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