Intuitive Coaching

Tailored to Entrepreneurs, Self Employed Individuals, and Business Executives.


Through her proven process, Sylvia asks a series of questions that reveal your conscious and unconscious tendencies.

From this place of “new” awareness, you will be able to release deep beliefs and create new patterns of behaviour that enhance your personal progress and improve your business results.


This is ideal for…

  • Those looking for a fresh approach with fast results
  • Those open and receptive to Alternative techniques and Intuitive practises
  • Business owners and executives who are committed to making significant advancements in their work


Simply inquire.


Client Results:

Sylvia has a special way of getting right to the heart of the matter. When I first started my coaching experience with Sylvia I was confused and unsure of the next steps to take to move forward in one aspect of my business. Our conversation was enlightening. Sylvia was able to get right to the heart of my concern, co-create a strategy for me, including the first steps needed to build this new offering. Since our call I have become very comfortable with this new feature of my business, and have had my first paying client with extremely successful results. I know I couldn’t have done it without Sylvia’s expert questioning, intuitive knowing and strategic mind. Thank you Sylvia for working with me to get me exactly what I needed.”  Gail Scott, Expert in Trust and Betrayal in Relationships

“I was stuck and unable to move forward in my business. Through Sylvia’s powerful process, I gained clarity and was able to shift my energy and achieve results. I released patterns that were holding me back so that, within days, I created my entire new website, and had new business opportunities show up. I highly recommend Sylvia to shift you to a higher level of success.”  Susanne Hemet, Success Coach and Leadership Advisor

“I was stuck before coaching with Sylvia. In a single session, she helped me to prepare for a difficult business conversation, and to make a move that has grown my small business by 75%.”  Emily Murphy, Naturopathic Doctor