To Discern, To Decide and To Correct Course


As a business leader or owner, making a myriad of decisions each and every day is only one aspect of your responsibilities. So, how do you discern what’s relevant, and how do you make the best decision?

  1. What are the multiple options available to you? When time allows, write these possibilities down. Then consider what are the facts, impressions, pros, and cons of each scenario?
  2. Have an open mind and listen to information that may appear counter-intuitive to the situation or that is against your way of thinking. Encompassing all these pieces of information that impact the decision will improve your outcomes.
  3. Consider the patterns you have witnessed in similar situations. How might these patterns influence this situation?
  4. Discernment is about knowing all the “facts” and going to an even deeper level so that you know within yourself that you have made the best possible decision for the time. Sometimes, you need not worry about the “right decision” but instead, let it unfold. So few decisions are cast in stone – you can make another choice tomorrow if there needs to be a course correction.
  5. Take the time to check in with yourself. It can be helpful to imagine the situation taking one option and notice how that feels in your body. Then take several deep cleansing breaths. Next, imagine the next option, how does that feel? And so on. Take notes of each option and your “gut feeling”.

Decisions have multiple layers and factors which can be influenced by many people. Discerning what are the relevant factors and the relevant influences are important. Some of the “facts” may not be most important.

Use your inner compass – sharpen your tool and set course. Then as needed, course correct.

Course corrections are not mistakes, but simply noticing the outcomes of your decisions and making the next best choice that is most appropriate in the new scenario.

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