How to Deal with Conflict when it Arises

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Conflict is inevitable!

Unresolved conflict is causing Canadian Organizations billions of dollars a year! Think about how much time you and your employees are losing to avoiding conflict, dealing with outbursts and delaying projects because you are unable to come to a resolution that works.

Conflict is challenging! And, if you are like me, you were given many messages in childhood not to make a fuss, to settle down and to just let it go. Addressing it wasn’t an option. As a child, I never witnessed my parents disagree. I was not taught to talk things out or to ever voice anything that might lead to conflict. It was expressed only when someone in the family became so angry that they exploded – often my father.

These behaviours reinforced that it wasn’t safe to have conflict. I know that I’m not alone in my past struggles to speak up effectively when conflict arises – I’d rather stay quiet and not risk upsetting someone else. And I knew that this is not healthy for me, for my family nor for the teams I work with.

When I was introduced to the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP®), I immediately saw the benefits as my conflict style was identified and had actionable steps I could take to shift my old pattern of avoidance into assertive action. And these created a new way for me to address conflict and get great results! I knew I needed to get certified and immediately enrolled in the course.

What are the benefits of the Conflict Dynamics Profile®?

  1. It recognizes that Conflict, while inevitable, can be beneficial to organizations.
  2. The focus is on you and getting deeper insights into your patterns with conflict.
  3. You walk away with specific action steps that will help you deal with conflict effectively.
  4. It has been validated by years of independent research on conflict.
  5. It’s available for both individuals and 360 conflict assessments for organizations.
  6. I’m certified in using the Assessment – so it’s now accessible to you!

We all know that conflict happens and many of us have lots of room for improvement. I’m passionate about this process and would like to share its gifts with you.

Don’t you deserve to embrace conflict and get it working for you and your organization?

Until March 28, I’m offering a Special on both the Individual CDP® assessment and the 360 CDP®.

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