Creating Energy Through Appreciative Processes

october 28 blog

So you have 2 months to reach targets this year. You may have projects that are on target and will reach their goal. Other projects may be experiencing challenges, and you have a plan to address these. The third portion may be the most difficult, because you’re hitting a red light – it’s not going to hit the target and you may be at a loss to find the solution.

Let’s take a creative look at how you might find better solutions to these projects, rather than hiding them, bring them forward and ask your team a number of questions about it.

  1. In a sentence or two have the person sum up the current challenge of the situation coupled with the dreams (or best outcomes desired) for the project. If this project is successful, what will be the gains that are realized?
  2. Ensure that everyone is clear about the project needs and outcomes. Then ask people, to get into pairs and share stories of when you worked on the seemingly impossible project and overcame the difficulty. What happened? What created the openness to find the solution in these scenarios?
  3. Look at the project again and think about how you can use some of these solution focused processes to move this project forward.
  4. Start to brainstorm potential solutions – what is one small piece that you can suggest (and would take on) that could assist this project to move forward?
  5. Create the action plan that will lead to success.

When you come from a possibilities and appreciative point of view in these situations, you can often unlock the potential that resides within your team (or within reach of your team). Finding ways to support one another free from blaming can be the key that unleashes team potential!

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