Conflict Costs… So what can you do to help?

March 30 -conflict costs

It’s estimated that average employees spend 2.8 hours weekly dealing with ongoing conflict. If you take the average salary in Canada in 2015 (according to Workopolis) of $49,000 and multiply it and consider a company of 100 employees, you are talking about a total of $33,341 per month.

Indirect costs also include manager’s hours of dealing with the conflicts of other (estimated up to 30% of their time or 6 hours weekly). Then add lost time due to sick time, staff turnover, project failure, sabotage, accidents and presenteeism (being at work in body but not in spirit).

Despite this cost on the bottom line, many managers continue to avoid conflict hoping it will go away on its own. This is an expensive strategy. Research by Vital Smarts indicates that 25% of people avoid difficult conversations for over a year… can you afford to do so?

So what can be done? As an executive or manager, you can begin by asking yourself if you are avoiding conflict. If so, take the time to write down the challenges that you need to address. How can you create a platform to address these challenges? Perhaps you need to hold an employee accountable? Perhaps you allow a team member to complain about another on a regular basis. It’s time to coach that individual to speak with their counterpart.

Now take action. Address those conflicts with compassion for yourself and the other person. Remember the power of positive questions and radical candor!

If you need coaching – reach out to an Executive Coach to gain perspective on how this will enhance your bottom line, reduce costs and increase productivity.

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