Comfort Zone or Growth Zone

Praying Black Bear Cub

It’s cold outside and I find myself wanting to go by the way of Bears and hibernate for the winter. Yes, this desire to keep warm and cozy is me shrinking into my comfort zone. It’s common for people to want to keep doing what they have been doing. Staying in a place of homeostasis is great for the body, however, the mind and spirit and ultimately your career will suffer.

Many folks think that leaving one’s comfort zone will result entering the panic zone. In between these two zones of human experience is the ‘growth zone’. It is in this place that we can learn, expand, grow and reach out potential.

While in the growth zone, we may experience discomfort, it is simply the place of possibility. As a leader, manager, executive or business owner, how have you stayed in your comfort zone? Where might you expand to find growth and satisfaction for yourself?

What risk might you take to visit the growth zone and improve your results? Perhaps it’s your conflict style or how you communicate or learning a new skill that could use some tweaking. It may even being to stop doing something you’ve always done a specific way and trying a new behaviour to replace it. When we grow we tend to get satisfaction and deeper understanding of ourselves and others around us.

You can be the role model in your organization to look yourself and learn a new way of doing your work or living your life. You could even share your personal growth challenge with your direct reports and invite them to explore their growth zone. Sharing this can inspire others as well as support.

Sylvia Plester-Silk is an Executive Coach who offers a Discovery Process to help you uncover the challenges in your organization and to offer creative solutions to improve your results.

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