Collaborate to Create Success

Business people collaborate to put pieces together find solution

One of my 5 C’s that are paramount for successful teams is Collaboration. Historically, business has been based on competition and limited resources. We need to shift from competition to collaboration, both inside companies and between companies to win in the marketplace.

At a recent networking event, a local realtor shared that she has joined a real estate agency because of their collaborative business practices. They take a team approach in helping to market and sell their client’s homes in order to better assist their client’s. Whether it’s sharing professional photography, home staging or open houses for one another, they do what’s necessary to put their client’s needs first.

Competition prevents solid team work, whereas Collaboration creates a synergy that enables even better solutions for problems.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Ask for help. Play on others strengths by looking to people with different skill sets than you.
  2. Consider all persons in your organization that may be impacted by the outcome and invite them to participate in the brainstorming and idea-making process.
  3. Clearly communicate your challenge and where you are stuck. It’s also helpful to share your end goal with as much clarity as you can.
  4. Acknowledge the contribution of others, both to that individual and your managers.
  5. Meet in a common space, whether in person or on-line so you can be “face to face” and share ideas.
  6. Having a white board or space where you can make notes that are viewed in real time by all parties in the collaboration circle.

When we fail to collaborate, we can shift into competition and then we begin to act in ways that can result in win-lose. When this happens, we can set our organizations up for struggle and strife. Collaboration on the other hand, allows us to see a more brilliant picture of possibility. Encourage your employees to collaborate with one another, set up opportunities to learn more about each other’s work responsibilities and allow them to get deeper understanding of each other’s challenges as this can result in easier, more successful solutions to current challenges.

If a traditionally highly competitive professional like real estate can do this … so can your organization. Ask yourself, “How can I be even more collaborative in how I operate today?”

Enjoy the results.

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