Celebrate Good Times


As we begin the business year of 2017, it’s time to reflect on what has worked in 2016!
As Kool and The Gang would sing “Celebrate Good Times”!

Here are some ideas to build momentum in January:

  1. Hold a meeting to in January to allow each team member share the successes they’ve seen and or experienced in 2016. If your budget allows, purchase lunch for them, or hold a potluck meal where people can share their favourite foods with each other. Take notes at the meeting.
  2. Write a personal note to each team member appreciating their contribution and special accomplishments. Make sure to be specific and how this reflected positively on your success over the past year. Leave the note in an envelope on their desks so they receive it Monday morning.
  3. Ask team members who their favourite clients were that year and what made it so. How would your clients like to get a card with a “Best Client Award”? How would that impact doing business with them next year? Then include the ‘award’ in a card that says Happy New Year!
  4. Ask for feedback on what you did that as a leader that was helpful and how you might be an even better leader this coming year. Ask them to write you a note with their thoughts.
  5. Share the plan you have to respond to this feedback. How will you put these requests in place? Perhaps it’s a meeting to share what we can do to be even better together next year.
  6. Hold a one on one meeting with each of your direct reports to discuss last year’s successes and how you’ll build on them together in 2017. How will you hold each other accountable for these goals?
  7. Hold a meeting where each team member (including you) shares their plan for success for the next year. You may choose use this process each quarter to fuel the entire year’s success!

Taking the time to celebrate your successes will accelerate your growth for 2017!

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