Blah, I’m Uninspired

Spark plug

Have you ever felt uninspired in your work? What do you do to shift this or do you allow yourself to remain in neutral hoping that it will get you up the hill? Last week I had a day where I was feeling incredibly uninspired to create the work I needed to complete. It was like I had a car, it was full of gas (I was motivated) but lacked the spark. If you know engines, they simply don’t start without the all-important spark.

So, I began to Google the issue and found lots of articles about inspiring employees, but little about inspiring yourself. So, I called a friend, who helped me turn it around. She asked me what I really wanted in my business and in life. I was able to share that I wanted to help more organizations to become the best they can be in terms of leadership and team dynamics. Then she asked me what I wanted to do with the money. I spoke about the desire for a new kitchen, and lots of travel. Suddenly, I’d found my “why” again – it wasn’t missing, just temporarily misplaced.

So, if you are sitting at your desk feeling uninspired, I suggest you ask yourself:

  • What is it that I really want more of in my work?
  • What would I need to do to create that difference? This might be that I need to change my attitude from “I can’t” to “how can I.” It may mean re-defining how I’m looking at a task.
  • What are the benefits of my work?
  • What does my pay cheque allow me to do? For example, is there is a special project or vacation or experience you’ve wanted? If so, begin to put an affordable amount of money into an account to begin to save for this experience or purchase.
  • What course or new activity might re-ignite my passion for work?
  • You may even want to create a vision board where you post photos or sayings that inspire you. I have posted the impromptu testimonials my clients have given me so that I can look at them to inspire me to do meaningful work that impacts organizations. What about you?

My work is following smoothly again, I’m getting calls for engagements – I think because I AM inspired.  Don’t rely on someone else to be your “spark plug” instead, take the time to remember how your work is meaningful for yourself and your customers.

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