Being Fully Present in Life and at Work

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This summer, I learned a lesson in focus – and like many lessons, it started in a place of lack of [focus].

You see, I have a lovely cottage that I wanted to spend more time at – so decided to work from the cottage on some Fridays. Sounds wonderful – but it’s had some glitches.

I started to feel like I was never really present – when I was at the cottage, I was thinking about what I had to remember when I got back to my office and when at the office, I was distracted by what I needed to remember to take to the cottage to work effectively. This got tiring – very quickly!

So, if you are finding yourself not being fully focused or present in your work here’s some suggestions to help:

  1. Become aware of what’s working well and what isn’t. Once you identify the challenges, solutions can be found.
  2. Write an action plan to address what’s not working. What steps could be taken to make a smoother transition? What helps you to focus?
  3. Create systems to help. Look at the how. For example, I needed to shift my to-do list to add another column of what was needed to complete each task (so any files, etc., I needed to take).
  4. Schedule “transition times” between work and home. I actually scheduled time to focus on where I was going to be and how I would best execute these tasks. I would make notes of anything I needed to pick up when back at my home office. This enabled me to be laser focused on tasks and see them through to completion.
  5. Enjoy the focus.

This allowed me to be fully present and enjoy the cottage and to enjoy the satisfaction of completing my work effectively and easily.

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