As a Manager Are You Falling Off the Bicycle?

Bicycle Built for Two

I remember when we were kids, my brothers made a bicycle built for two. I admit it wasn’t pretty as it was created from multiple pieces of different bicycles, yet I remember the laughs we had with it. We would dare each other to ride it. Some got on and struggled and never really got the hang of it. Other pairs got on and rode away.

Like managers, some go into a team and create struggle while others help the team to soar.

So what was the difference? Riders were more successful when:

  • The two people communicated clearly when they were going to begin and stop pedaling.
  • They were willing to lead and then be led – taking turns being the focus and working in the team and then being led by the person in the front seat.
  • Together they decided on the direction they wanted to take – so both were aware and could place their focus on the mutually desired outcome.
  • They had observed others in the “role” and taken away ideas which might help their success. They had witnessed first-hand the inherent challenges of this particular bicycle construction and co-created potential solutions to overcome them.

Those who didn’t succeed caused the most laughs as they struggled to be the one who lead without clear direction and communication.

However, in the office, it’s not the manager that gets the most laughs that wins. So if you’ve fallen down, get back on the bicycle and focus on communicating better, increasing role clarity, and co-leading your initiatives.

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