Our Principal Coach and Facilitator

“I had a coaching session with Sylvia where she helped me to understand my value - and to raise my rates by 30%. Not only that, she helped me to communicate the increase with my clients - and instead of getting pushback from my clients, they were actually excited about what I was doing and what it meant for them. Sylvia’s help had been invaluable in this move for my business.”

Courtney Wilson, Creative Director, MoonSoar Services

Hi, I’m Sylvia Plester-Silk.

From my first breathe I became a member of a team of sixteen! Being the youngest of fourteen siblings, imagine the chaos in our small house. Not to mention the interpersonal dynamics I observed. I became the speaker of the truth challenging my parent’s “leadership” when I felt that others were not being treated fairly or were getting away with something.

Always aware of the Team

As a child, I was shy, and would often sit back and scrutinize the groups on the playground before choosing to join in. Asking myself is this a team I want to be a part of?

After I graduated from Ryerson, with my Bachelor of Social Work degree, I was employed by several agencies to offer group therapy – and have over 10,000 hours experience facilitating groups. I always ensured that each group member had a voice and got the support and insights they needed to assist them.

As Social Worker I experienced many team dynamics and continued to be an observer. I noticed that some workplaces inspired and motivated me, while others crushed my spirit. In fact, I left one mental health organization to protect my own mental health!

I also saw what made some leaders great and some ineffective – whether they were purposeful in their communications, and commitment to individual team members or not. Because I often spoke up to address these challenges I was viewed as a “difficult employee.”

And my Passion for Healthy Workplaces was born!

During my nine years in private practice, I gained insights from disgruntled employees and understood what they really needed from their leaders. I also worked with many executives and business owners, who were struggling to understand their team members, and communicate better with them to lead effectively. This taught me that many leaders were not trained in leadership, but they were doing the best they could—and yearning to create inspired teams.

In 2010 I became a catalyst for leaders to help them become purposeful in their communications, have more functional teams, and become highly effective leaders in their organizations.

Today, I continue to share my insights and techniques around building accountability, effective communication strategies, change management and creating highly functional teams. I love working with executives and business owners who are struggling with turnover, toxic team members or dysfunctional teams – and to help them transform their leadership style create teams that communicate, collaborate and fully commit to their organization, their mandate and their clients.

My personal mission is to get leaders and teams working On Purpose!

If you ready to improve your leadership skills and shift team dynamic, call me today at 519.822.3776