7 Ways You and Your Team Will Benefit from Gratitude


The days are getting shorter. Leaves are turning beautiful orange, yellow and crimson. It’s time for harvest and thanksgiving. This always is a good reminder to share my gratitude for all the wonderful abundance in my life. Gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are 7 benefits to expressing gratitude:

  1. It causes us to feel joy. When we focus on what’s working and appreciate it fully, it unlocks our feelings of happiness and joy. It has been said, what you focus on you get more of. In fact, while I was writing this blog, I was gifted with an opportunity to a night out with a colleague.
  2. Improves relationships. When we focus on the positive, it brings people closer to us. When we share the positive impact another has on our lives we honour them as they experience feelings of being appreciated.
  3. Helps our mental health. When I worked in mental health, I would have my clients with depression create a gratitude practice. It could be the smallest thing as long as they thought about having something good in their life. Consistently, their mood would improve with this exercise. And as they did so, they began to see even more things to be grateful for.
  4. Sleep better. Having trouble sleeping? I recommend that you lie comfortably in the position you sleep in and start to list the things that you appreciate in your life. As you think of each one, focus on the energy of thankfulness. You will begin to relax and may just drift off into a wonderful slumber too.

And you can also influence your team with your appreciative energy:

  1. Makes you a more effective leader. When you practice gratitude, you will have a positive attitude. People tend to follow and respect positive people. You’ll be putting out a vibe of appreciation that will help you to notice and acknowledge more fully what’s happening that’s great!
  2. Improves team morale. Imagine having a moment of gratitude at each team meeting where people can share what others did that they appreciate and want to celebrate. Talk about team bonding!
  3. Motivates people. Ever been having a bad day and suddenly you are reminded of something you are grateful for?  It’s as if all of a sudden, that motivation you needed for the task at hand shows up just as you need it. When we are grateful, we exude the energy of possibility and our problem-solving abilities are enlightened.

One of my clients adopted an exercise of gratitude and appreciation that I offered them in a workshop. Now, over a year later, they continue to acknowledge each other’s greatness by posting a star in their staff room with the person’s name and what they did that was appreciated by their co-workers, and/or leadership team.

I challenge you to develop a gratitude practice … and watch as it keeps on gifting and giving!

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