7 Ways To Engage Employees Who Are Experiencing The February Blahs


By now you are deep in execution of the goals and target for first the quarter of the year.

Why is it that February is the shortest month of the year and yet it seems the longest? Of course, it’s the dipping of the thermometer. While the temperatures outside are dipping, you need to make sure that the motivation of your team members remains inspired.

Success and employee motivation requires celebrations along the way. How can you celebrate the successes of your team for this quarter?

  1. You could have a contest to get colleagues to recognize other’s contributions…who ever puts the most positive feedback wins. Make the prize the title of “team advocate” or a gift of some sort if budget allows.
  2. Every charity I know uses a Big Thermometer as a gauge when under a fundraising campaign. You could make a chart and place it in the board room or even break room and have your team members write their individual successes and the successes of others.
  3. Have a team meeting specifically to celebrate successes – you could even make up “awards” to give out.
  4. Have a potluck luncheon party that celebrates the hard work your team is doing. Make it a theme or find a way to bring appropriate humour – such as sharing your favourite YouTube Video (grandmother approved, of course!). Laughter is a great way to get the endorphins going which improve mood and health.
  5. Set yourself out to catch your employees in the act of doing something well or amazing and find a way that suits their personality to celebrate it – whether its a personal note on their desk, or announcing it in a team meeting or something in between.
  6. Check in with each employee for a coaching session to connect and support their work to date. Ask what they need to reach their next target. As a manager, your support can go a long way.
  7. Write a card to each employee telling them why you see them as a V.I.P. in your department. Invite team members to write their cards to each other.

Keep the vision of the temperature gauge in mind and be conscious of how you can increase the temperature of employee engagement. Celebrate successes along the way and help employees through the challenges month.

See how far your team thermometer can rise!

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