5 Strategies to Manage Your Overwhelm

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We’re in the final stretch of 2017! Rushing to get those deliverables completed so that you can relax over the holiday season. It’s the last month to ensure you’ve met your goals for the year.

We’re also into the crazy season of shopping, overeating, and celebrating. While it’s lots of fun, we are not only jugging our regularly busy schedules, we are adding a lot of extra social and family activities resulting in decreased energy, overwhelm and over-tiredness.

So, being able to operate at optimum energy is a challenge. Here are 5 tips to help you maintain a healthy vibe this Festive Season:

  1. Focus on your budget: Time and Money

Make a plan and decide this year about your priorities for the season. What events will you attend? Who will you provide gifts for? What is your financial and emotional budget?

Make an active choice about what events you really want to attend, you can be fully present rather than thinking about the next event you have to dash to. We cannot do everything so by making a choice and attending only meaningful celebrations, you create a more meaningful festive season.

  1. Stay Grounded

We all need to take care of our energy. Keeping grounded is important to remain calm, and balanced. Ensure that you do this every day.

Go to the quiet spot inside of you. If you can’t find it amongst the busy-ness, try the following visualization:

Sit with your feet flat on the floor. Now imagine roots growing from the balls of your feet and growing deep into the center of the earth. See a large boulder or rock in the middle of the earth and watch the roots grow around this.

  1. Take a Time Out

Spend quiet time with yourself every day. This may be meditating, walking the dog, listening to favourite music or reading a good book. By taking some time to simply relax each day, you lessen the risk of overwhelm.

Whether you budget 5 minutes or 30 minutes a day, making yourself a priority helps to calm your body and mind so that you are better equipped to deal with holiday stressors.

  1. A Treat or not a Treat?

Be thoughtful about the foods you are eating. Many of us have the tendency to overdo it during the party season. Having a special “treat” or drink may feel wonderful in the moment, but what’s it doing to your body? Have healthy meals or snacks before going to parties so you aren’t overly tempted with all those rich foods and desserts. You will be more likely to use moderation and really savour each bite.

  1. Sleep

Ensure you get enough sleep. Make sure you are getting to bed at a reasonable hour. When you are feeling stressed and having difficulty dropping off to sleep, use deep breathing techniques. For example, as you exhale see the dark, stressed energy leaving your body and breathe in the pure clear energy into your lungs.

Using essential oils, such as, lavender can be helpful to simply relax and get those much needed zzz’s. Simply drop a little on your pillow each night.

These techniques will help you to maintain your energy and keep vibrant through stress in work and in life.


Wishing you all a safe and festive season – be it Christmas or Yom Kippur or another holiday in your personal tradition.

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