5 Strategies for Change – Love or Hate It, It IS Happening

Confused Road Sign Indicating The Best Way To Go

As an Executive Coach, I’m consistently working with change – they call me a change agent. The word “change” is enough to put some people into a panic. The challenge is that change is coming at a very fast pace. Our challenge is to find a means to maneuver through it.

Here are 5 tips to assist you:

  1. Take time to DIS-connect. Shut off your phone, ignore your emails and take some time just for you. We often get caught up reading our emails and responding when it’s time to relax and be fully with family and friends. Give yourself permission to take time off!
  2. Consider what it is about each change that evokes fear for you. By understanding what’s at the core, you can take steps to assist yourself. If you need more information, what are your questions? Who do you need to ask them to? If you don’t have the skills required who might you learn them from? Or, who could assist you with that portion of the project?
  3. During the change make sure to regularly check in with yourself to ask what you need. Take breaks, connect with others in a similar situation – vent if you need to, and then shift into solution mode.
  4. Ask yourself, “What do I need to shift in my thinking to fully accept this change?” Often we are caught in old thinking that causes change to be even more difficult. How might you shift to have a different experience? Challenge yourself to consider what the potential benefits might be in this situation? The new situation. When we accept the benefits – or potential benefits – we are more likely to succeed and be less stressed with the process.
  5. Celebrate the successes on the way! Learn to appreciate your growth, the growth of others, and when you’ve been able to accomplish a portion of the change!

Change is a reality and we need to be able to cope effectively to help us get to the next step because staying in yesterday’s reality won’t serve you.

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