5 Steps to Successful Customer Service



Have you ever had one of those experiences which cause you not to return to a store, company or service?

What happened?

My guess is that there was a communication breakdown – things may have been said by the service provider and they could not or did not appreciate their impact.

Recently I’ve had a few of these situations and when I reflect upon what occurred, it was caused by poor communication. So here’s my two cents worth to create a positive experience for your clients:

1)      Clearly ask your client or customer what they are looking for.

        “How might I assist you today?” Don’t make assumptions as they can pave the road to disaster.

2)      Listen, listen, and listen more by focusing on what they are requesting, wanting and needing.

3)      Repeat back what you understood them say to make sure you heard what they really want.

         Ask for clarification if you need it.

4)      Think before you speak – your usual turns of phrases with a friend may be offensive to

         your customer.

5)      Watch your tone of voice – be respectful and non-judgmental.

By the way, these 5 steps are the core to any good relationship!

If you are a business owner or in a management position, make sure that all staff members know of upcoming specials and the details of them. Don’t set them up poorly with a customer by not giving them the information they need to do their job.



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