5 Key Drivers of Manager Effectiveness

Sept 2- 5 keys of manager effectiveness

Employee engagement is often linked to recognition. While recognition is important, as a manager or leader, according to the Towers-Watson Global Workforce Study of 2014, you need to ensure that you are skilled in the top 5 Key Drivers of effective managers.

  1. Congruency. Effective Managers follow through on their words and commitments and are consistent with their behaviour. In these ways, they build trust with their teams.
  2. Managers help to remove obstacles. They take the time to ask (or notice) what’s getting in the way of the flow of work and look for creative ways to remove these challenges to great work. By removing these obstacles to success, they reduce employee stressors enabling their teams to succeed.
  3. Differentiates between high and low performers. They effectively acknowledge good work and ensure accountability with low performers. Through this process, they engage employees as they experience being valued for their individual performance.
  4. Treats employees with respect. They consistently treat their employees with respect and value employee input, time and commitment.
  5. Clearly communicate goals and assignments. Managers need to understand the work requirements and be able to communicate these to their direct reports in an easily understood manner. This enables the team to be fully aware of the expectations and what work is the priority thus being able to focus quickly on the goals of the organization.

Take a look at the above list and rate yourself. Where are your strengths and areas of growth? Consider getting feedback from your direct reports to ensure you are accurate in your self-assessment.

Make a list of your areas for improvement and create a plan. Perhaps consider Executive Coaching to assist you to have even better results.

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