3 Tips to Help Reach Your Goals

Do you have goals that seem impossible? Do your goals seem too big or overwhelming?

I recently read Shawn Achor’s new book, “Before Happiness”. He has several suggestions to make reaching your goals more attainable – even the really big ones!

  1. How you set the goal is really important. For example, if you want to increase your customer base with 48 new clients this year – you are more likely to have success by setting the goal in smaller increments e.g., 4 new clients each month or 1 new client each week. That makes it sound more attainable – doesn’t it?
  1. Once you have your goal set, take small incremental steps towards a goal by breaking it down into manageable bite sized tasks that you can complete easily. It works because the tasks are simpler and feel less intimidating.

As I reflect, this is how I wrote and published my book. In January 2012, I began the year with the goal of “investigate the possibility of writing a book” – it was so overwhelming that I couldn’t make my goal “write a book”. However, by taking one task at a time, getting support and focusing only on the next paragraph, or chapter I had a rough draft written by May 2012. I continued to break down the process of finding an editor, publisher, etc., and bit by bit, I became a published author in August of 2013 with my first book, “Unleashing Team Potential”!

  1. Another great concept I picked up in “Before Happiness” was when writing your To Do List for a big goal, write down the things you’ve already accomplished towards the goal and then check them off, so you acknowledge that you are already making progress. This will have the power to propel you forward when you experience moments of doubt or fear.

You’ll be amazed by how much you achieve using these three simple steps! You’ll shift from the impossible goal to possible and accomplished!

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  1. This is great! It really makes sense, especially for those of us who can easily become overwhelmed when taking on bigger projects, AND those who are prone to procrastination.
    Thanks for this — much appreciated :)

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