Team Training

Thanks so much Sylvia for all your knowledge and help during the Business of Healing workshops.  You really pinpointed some aspects of my business I need to focus on on and why it was important.  After the first session I saw a dramatic shift in seeing my own value and worth and setting expectations with clients.  I am still processing information but I do know that these courses have been a great value and help to me and my business.

Angela Donnelly

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Sylvia Plester-Silk is a dynamic trainer who specializes in highly interactive workshops. Through her use of humour, interactive experiences and self-reflection exercises she assists participants to quickly integrate new learning into their work.


Communication Skills Training – Communicating with Purpose

Your team may be struggling to communicate resulting in confusion, frustration, lost work time and missed deadlines.

Participants in the workshop will gain:

  • Understanding of  the key components in communication
  • Clarity on how body language, verbal, and para verbal cues can support your message
  • Listening Skills for success
  • Personal experience practicing key skill

Help your team become a high performing team through successful communications!


The Art of Giving Feedback Training

Giving feedback to others is challenging. For many, they avoid offering feedback because it is an uncomfortable process.

Participants will gain:

  • How to prepare yourself to give feedback to others
  • How to understand and be understood
  • The formula for giving feedback that works
  • Personal experience offering feedback skills

Identify your key messages and come forward with a focus on compassion and growth. Understand the value of respectful, honest feedback and increase your effectiveness for improved performance.


Dealing With Difficult Dialogues – Dealing with Difficulty on Purpose

How do you tend to deal with conflict? For many people, conflict is to be avoided and is dangerous. Learning key skills that will assist you to understand your own perspective and how to effectively approach conflict will propel you towards success.

Participants will gain:

  • Understanding of what causes conflict
  • Key skills to use when in conflict
  • Knowledge of benefits of healthy conflict to enhance team performance.

Learn key skills for conflict that will assist you to resolve the conflict and move forward in a pro-active manner and lead to success.


Stress Management – Managing Stress On Purpose

Stress is a part of everyday life. When stress is not managed well it can lead to illness and poor performance. Learn to understand your personal responses to stress and create a stress management plan that works for you.

Participants will gain:

  • Insight into your own stress management needs
  • How to identify and implement the key strategies that reduce your stress
  • A personalized stress management plan

Help your team members learn to manage their stress effectively and reap the rewards of decreased sick time, increased performance and out put.



Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Have you got a heavy day of training and need to energize your participants?

In this fun and interactive workshop, we explore how easy it is to get stuck in your comfort zone, whether in life or in business. When this happens you may feel like something is lacking, fail to move forward and unknowingly stop growing yourself or your career. This workshop is a fun and safe way to expand your comfort zone. We’ll use elements of play and learn how to live life fully in the moment!

You will learn how to:

  • Take calculated risks as you maneuver through change.
  • Explore the freedom of stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Overcome fears that prevent your success.
  • Trust Your First Instinct.

Staying in your comfort zone can prevent the results you are seeking. Experiencing your growth zone is the key to your success.