Team Facilitation

Sylvia is an extraordinary professional to work with. She brings a rare strength and grace to the conversation, creating an environment that welcomes free expression. Her skillful approach opens up honest dialogue, encouraging the work necessary to achieve the goals identified and defined throughout the course of the process. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to improve, refine, and/or grow their professional/personal skills and abilities.

Melanie Lynn, Communications Specialist, Savanta Inc.

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Sometimes your team requires specific interventions to help uncover the issues that are preventing them to work collaboratively. On Purpose Consulting will help work through dysfunctional team dynamics that are preventing you from reaching your goals and targets.

On Purpose Consulting has a process which leads to very quickly determining the areas of growth required for your team and organization to become successful and will assist your team to develop a co-operative and collaborative plan for success.

Does your team need Team Dynamics Facilitation?

  • You have attempted other solutions with no resolution
  • Your team is missing important deadlines
  • Communication is lacking between team members
  • Team members are not being accountable to one other
  • You may be experiencing conflict within or between teams
  • Sick time is increasing
  • Morale is low
  • You want an on-site intervention that will help your team discover a path to increased trust, communication and productivity.

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