Team Dynamics Solutions

Sylvia is an extraordinary professional to work with. She brings a rare strength and grace to the conversation, creating an environment that welcomes free expression. Her skillful approach opens up honest dialogue, encouraging the work necessary to achieve the goals identified and defined throughout the course of the process. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to improve, refine, and/or grow their professional/personal skills and abilities.

Melanie Lynn, Communications Specialist, Savanta Inc.

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Team Dynamics is a high indicator of the level of success your organization will achieve. Team dysfunction is often misunderstood as personality conflicts, and is often a symptom of other team issues.

Team dynamics are complex. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective and more time to get down to the real issue. On Purpose Consulting specializes in facilitation of team dynamics solutions. Find the right solution below.

Executive Leadership Coaching – Assist your team members to work more effectively together, by understanding your own reactions to different individuals and situations. Delve deeper into how team members perceive the demands of work, amount of recognition and/or enjoyment of their work.

At On Purpose Consulting, we work with you to determine your specific strengths and areas of growth. Together we create a plan to work towards increasing your natural leadership skills to enable you to be the leader you are capable of being.

Team Dynamics Coaching – Whether your management team needs assistance in coordinating the demands of a busy team or your team is requiring some help to maneuver through the inherit challenges of team dynamics, On Purpose Consulting can help. Through facilitating challenging conversations and exploring innovative solutions that you can put in place today Sylvia will assist your organization to reach its targets faster and on time.

Team Dynamics Facilitation – Sometimes your team requires specific interventions to help uncover the issues that are preventing them to work collaboratively. On Purpose Consulting will help work through dysfunctional team dynamics that are preventing you from reaching your goals and targets.

On Purpose Consulting has a process which leads to very quickly determining the areas of growth required for your team and organization to become successful and will assist your team to develop a co-operative and collaborative plan for success.

Team Training – Sylvia is a dynamic trainer who specializes in highly interactive workshops. Working with increasing self-awareness, emotional management and communication skills, management training

Speaking – Sylvia speaks on topics related to team dynamics and how you can assist your team to work more effectively together.