Time for Self-Reflection

august 1 take time to reflect
We are in high cottage season here in Canada. When at the cottage, I tend to lay back, relax and savor the beauty of my surroundings. Sitting in complete appreciation for what I’ve created (my husband and I build our cottage with our own hands).

Have you as an executive or manager, sat back and appreciated your surroundings? Often you’ll find yourself focused on putting out fires, dealing with crisis and planning for the future. One of the key opportunities is to take stock of the current situation. So this week, plan some time to sit and reflect on the current situation in your organization.  Take time to review feedback you’ve received from team members, clients or customers, as well as your own perceptions.

What is going really well? What lead to that success? Was it a particular sequence of events, the attitude you shared with staff or their excitement for the project? Perhaps it was ensuring that they had access to all the tools and resources they needed to work on the project.

What needs some work? What in your sphere of influence could have been more effective? How might you have done it differently? What skills, attitudes, tools, communication were missing or less effective?

What needs immediate attention? Breathe and remain in reflective mode – what were the factors that lead to this result? Who was involved? What skills or attitudes or tools do they need to get better results? What conversations do you need to have to get these addressed most effectively? Take a time to strategize.

How might you improve the situation or roll out of the next venture given these insights? Take some notes that you’ll look at prior to starting the next initiative to remind yourself of these guidelines to create a rollout plan for the next initiative in your organization.

Taking a “time out” to reflect and evaluate can help you create dynamic solutions that you never conceived of. Doing this on a regular basis will help you become an even better leader! This is one of the great benefits of Executive Coaching – you have another set of eyes and ears to assist you to reflect on and improve your current situation.

If you are looking for that support, just give me a call.

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