The team dynamics workshop that Sylvia facilitated far exceeded my expectations.  Sylvia is an engaging and skilled facilitator who effectively encouraged an atmosphere of participation, creativity, and optimism.  Participants explored important aspects of teamwork for themselves and their colleagues, and ultimately co-created a vision for moving forward as an even more cohesive team.  The session was energizing and collaborative, and was identified by the team as one of the best training sessions we’ve had!

Lisa Veit, Associate Director, Guelph Humane Society

“Unleashing Team Potential: Lessons for Managers from My Canine Friends” was inspired by a trip to the dog park. While Josee was playing with other dogs, Sylvia noticed some common challenges between the owners and the dogs – and frankly, the dogs seemed to deal much better with team dynamics!

As she reflected on this insight, an idea for speeches and then her book arose – she decided to use often fun, sometimes cute dog stories to illustrate the common dynamics that occur in teams. In each chapter, you will find a short dog vignette to demonstrate the team dynamics challenge and then helpful hints to assist you as a manager to become more self-aware, to assist your team to work more effectively together and to help you Unleash Your Team’s Potential – by becoming the leader you were meant to be.

This easy to read book gives tips and tricks to effectively lead your team – ones you can put to work today.