On Purpose

I am the Program Director for Renascent, an addiction treatment provider. As part of our staff development Sylvia facilitated two workshops. Staff gave Sylvia and the workshops the highest ratings feeling they learned a great deal and found the process enjoyable and engaging. I would recommend Sylvia for training' staff develop activities and organizational development.

Dennis James, Program Director, Renascent Fellowship

Sylvia Plester-Silk founded On Purpose Consulting in 2010 driven by her passion for healthy workplaces. Knowing that the workplace is only as successful as their team work, On Purpose Consulting seeks to help team dynamics through coaching leaders, team coaching and facilitation and skills based learning.

On Purpose Consulting appreciates the need for teams to be based on trust, accountability and mutual respect. Through Sylvia’s playful and direct approach, the team dynamics shift to deeper respect, better communication and collaborative interactions. When teams function in these ways, individual team members are inspired, more productive and committed to better results.

Clients are grateful for Sylvia’s ability to quickly get to the core of the issue and to facilitate a swift collaborative resolution to their team dynamics challenges.

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